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"This invention was created out of the frustration of closing up plastic bags, such as cereal and bread bags always being left open in the kitchen, resulting in stale food that my family would have to throw away."


Pull Ties seal tight freshness for bagged goods quick and easy.

They lock in freshness, fit all bags, they're durable, storable dishwasher and freezer safe. Use them again and again! Cereal bags, rice cakes, snack bags, fruit. Use them on your grocery bags from the store to your door without tying a knot and many more uses. Use in your garage, laundry room, keep a set in your car.


Pull Ties seal it!

So many uses for Pull Ties in the kitchen, laundry room, garage, use for audio/video cables and other storage solutions!

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Good Day St. Louis

You get 10 Pull Ties (2 of each color) and a storage ring for $10.99 plus $3.99 shipping.

Order today and thank you for your support!

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